shag-thumbWe anchored in the shallow side of Entico Bay Friday night, rowed over to the big Pohutukawa at dusk and got some shots of the 40 odd resident shags there. Beautiful birds, think they were a mix of Black and Pied.

ls-boi-35Went for an early morning walk around Moturua Island, took a couple of hours wandering around taking pics. Middle of January and not another soul in sight. Gorgeous sandy beaches, Mangahawea on the western side was being patrolled by dotterill and oyster catchers. 

dean-wright-co-nz1Love Christmas/New Year away on the boat. Truckloads of boaties and island campers in the Bay, perfect for people and boat watching. Couple of shots from the tall ships race included. The 28' gaffer with the painted mainsail is 100 years old, the owners sailed her out from the UK with two small kids - fantastic.

mokohinauJust back from a week onboard Cinquante, a comfy 58' Pelin Envoy, five of us, four mad keen fishos and one marine reserve fanatic. Apart from a snotty SW on the way down to the Barrier we had a brilliant week of weather.

arethusaBeen having a play with the Lee Big Stopper, a long exposure filter that reduces the amount of light entering your lens by ten stops. Great for getting water movement in the daytime. Something normally shot at 1/250th becomes a 4 second exposure. Wish it fitted my 14-24 wide angle!

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