DW-140620 DSC1444-EditHaving fun playing with the 10 stop filter.  The first shot below is taken late afternoon using it, turning a 1/60th into a 30 second exposure. Got the boat doing a full circle in that 30 seconds, the lightwave just above the horizon is the path of the sun through the frame with a bit of gentle swell giving the up and down movement.  The shortest day of the year produced a gorgeous mirror flat evening.

Went ashore on Moturua Island, where Project Island Song had just released 43 NZ Robin translocated from the Pureora Forest in the central North Island. Managed to find one that had set up camp close to where they were released. Lively little critters, they don't stay in one spot long, coupled with grey on grey meant I had to be quick and the autofocus had to just do the best it could.

Project Island Song do a fantastic job, read more here: http://www.projectislandsong.co.nz