DW-121127 DHW6561Arethusa's old cap rails were high maintenance. They were fastened with galv bolts which meant rust, bubbling paint and rot - so thankfully they're now a couple of wheelbarrows of salt laden firewood. No more painting and rust killing, amen to that.

DW-120110 DHW3428After four seasons of getting fried on the back deck we've got a boom tent. What a difference. Shade and breeze, no more hiding in the wheelhouse :) Thanks Bev for a great job - perfect fit really easy to put up and down. Thanks John for all custom woodwork at the stern to support it.

20111025- DHW1166-Edit-EditI don't know how many season's the old prop had been on the boat but it was pretty well had it. We dealt with Arthur Smith from the Propeller Shop in Whangarei who organised a new 24 x 16 4 blade through Briski's.

transomWe got Alan Boyd from X-Foul-E-8 to strip the hull paint off from the beltings down in July. He did a great job. Three days to get rid of countless seasons of paint right back to bare boards. He probably could of done it in two but had so many folk stop and ask about the process he uses. Sure beats burning it off.  Once she'd dried out we were able to prime straight over the top.

mastNot for sailing, but we may rig a steadying sail sometime in the future. By summer we'll have a boom tent and the boom is great for lifting the dinghy aboard.  The ratlines are a great place to climb to get elevation for pictures and when the water warms up no doubt it'll make a good diving platform.

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