Entered NZIPP's Iris Awards this year, received three silver awards in the Nature section. Here's the images:

Had to say goodbye to this fabulous little critter on Wednesday, he’d just clicked over 16 human years.

He answered to Blake, Blakey, Blakey-boy, Momo, Stealer, Grumpy and quite often "Yes, yes, immediately your royal highness". Winner Best Dog Southern Hemisphere on numerous occasions, we never entered him in the World Champion of the World but I think he would have cleaned up.

 Entered NZIPP's Iris Awards this year, received three bronze awards in the Landscape section. Here's the images:

boby thumbEntered the NZIPP IRIS awards again this year, came away with two silver distinction, one silver and two bronze awards, here's the images. A big thank you to all the fantastic NZIPP volunteers who make this event happen each year!

kiwi thumbDeb and I live in a kiwi zone, we hear them calling most nights. We got woken up at 5:45am to the sound of two of them outside our bedroom window fighting. They stayed a couple of minutes, after the show we thought "well we'll never see that again". But amazingly they came back for another two mornings, virtually to the minute, doing the same thing. The third visit we managed to get some footage on the big camera with Deb holding the red light. Have a watch, make sure you have the sound on.

20161119 DHW7425 EditThese guys have a tough time perpetuating the species. This is the sole surviving chick from 16 eggs laid on a beach on Moturua Island in the Bay of Islands.  Cute little critter.

Some eggs got swept away by high tides. Some hatched and the chicks were taken out by black-backed gulls. Moturua is pest-free so thankfully they didn't have to cope with rat or stoat predation.

20160409 D865971We live in a kiwi zone. We hear them calling most nights as they poke around in our garden and bush - wonderful. A friend dropped this one in for DoC to pick up. She found it on the side of the road, it had been killed by a car at night.

DW 150228 D860015Last year Project Island Song released 43 North Island Robin's onto pest-free Moturua Island. They've been perpetuating the species :)  Five unbanded offspring have been sighted since christmas - fantastic. Here's some shots of one that's taken up residence in Otupoho Bay.  We bribed her (?) with a few mealworms on a flat branch...

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