20170730 DW86398 2We got Jack from Picton back in 2008, an 8'6" kauri clinker. From what we've learnt he was probably built by the Jack Morgan yard in the 60's. If anyone recognises him and has any more history, we'd love to hear it.

jack beach

He's always been a leaker despite long spells in the briny to take up. You'll see from the photo below 3-4" of water sloshing about and the bailer afloat, we decided that 2016 was going to be his birthday and he was going to get tight.


We stripped him back to bare, cleaned out the lands then took him to boatbuilder Bob Van Pierce (owner of the mullety Cora) for his opinion.  He thought she was recoverable but she'd need three and a bit new planks and a general refasten. And while we were at he'd fix the bulge in one side of her hull and bring her back into her original shape. Bob did all the smart stuff and I got on the end of the dolly. Thanks Bob, you did a fantastic job.

DW 150427 D862796

This was the general conditon of the planks we replaced, splits and bits missing.

20160809 DHW1712

No turning back now :)

20160809 DHW1728

The first replacement plank in.

20170224 DW82033

And another one

20170224 DW82034

Three in...

20170411 DW83009

Bob scarfed this one in, nice job...

20170411 DW83005

Spotted gum for the ribs, this thin one served as a marker, wish they were all that plyable :)

20170411 DW83026

The steam box getting cranked up...

20170411 DW83021

Ribs getting loaded

20170411 DW83022

20170411 DW83022

Lester and Bob bending the ribs in...

20170411 DW83038

Just as well we had a few spares, broke four.

20170411 DW83038

Ribs getting nailed from below...

20170411 DW83038


20170411 DW83039

All in place and riveted...

20170411 DW83040


20170415 DW83071

Primer, prekote and topcoat prior to new purple heart thwarts being fitted...

20170415 DW83071


20170415 DW83071


20170415 DW83071

Back home in the shed and ready for bottom paint...

20170508 DW84056

Bob also added rubbing strakes...

20170508 DW84056

 A pretty handy guy to do the sign-writing, artist Lester Hall

20170603 DHW2762

Thanks also Lester for the beautiful oars complete with welcome swallows. These have been decorating my wall for the last 5-6 years, they got a hell of a fright being immersed in salt water.

20170920 DW87886

 New purple heart thwarts. Bronze rollocks fitted. New floorboards in.

20170920 DW87884Nylon rub rail secured with copper wire. 

20170920 DW87887

 A gifted aluminium trailer the perfect size with some mods to the chocks. Thanks Ian.

20170603 DHW2762

First outing planting trees with Project Island Song. Over a day, we got half a litre in the bottom, pretty happy with that.

20170730 DW86373

Ken's not happy, he's been relegated to barge duties...

20170730 DW86398